Hrvatski geološki institut

Hrvatski geološki institut

Hrvatski geološki institut

Hrvatski geološki institut

Hrvatski geološki institut

Hrvatski geološki institut

Hrvatski geološki institut

Projekti EU fondova

Strengthening research in the Croatian Geological Survey:

Geoscience-Twinning to develop state-of-the-art subsurface modelling capability and

scientific impact (GeoTwin)

The consortium of three geoscience research institutes Croatian Geological Survey (HGI-CGS), the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) and the British Geological Survey of the United Kingdom Research and Innovation (BGS-UKRI)) won the grant for Horizon 2020 Twinning project. The major aim of the project is to significantly strengthen HGI-CGS’s research potential and capability. HGI-CGS will benefit from a range of research tools, technologies, software and methods at the disposal of GEUS and BGS-UKRI. The project will also develop active collaboration and partnership between people; involving talented scientists within HGI-CGS and highly productive scientists within GEUS and BGS-UKRI, who in a number of cases are world-leading experts in their field. Two-way scientific exchanges and training programmes, will support HGI-CGS to strengthen research in four important geoscience subject areas, which are at the core of most world-leading geological surveys and geological research institutes: (1) 3D geological surveying and modelling; (2) advanced groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling; (3) geological hazards; (4) geothermal energy.

WP1 – Embedding state-of-the-art geological surveying techniques: From maps to models to 3D parameterisations of the subsurface

Activity 1.1. Modern methods in 3D virtual reconnaissance, digital field data capture, geological databases and 3D geological modelling (coordinated by Vlatko Brčić, HGI-CGS).  Geoscientific cooperation and training will be provided to 7 researchers from HGI-CGS scientists by NERC-BGS. The training and collaborative working in this activity will be based on two pilot areas in Croatia (PA = greater Zagreb area, PA2 = Rijeka and Istria area) that are of highly contrasting geological character and will thus maximise exposure to a range of geological field and 3D modelling methods. Activity number 1.1 is divided into the three tasks detailed below that encompass modern methods of data assembly, data management and model building.

Activity 1.2. Modelling of Geological Basins based on integration of deep seismic and borehole data (coordinated by Adriano Banak, HGI-CGS). Geoscientific cooperation, on-the-job and in-house training to HGI-CGS scientists will be provided by GEUS. A total of 7 HGI-CGS researchers will participate in the implementation of this Activity. Establishment of Sparring-Partnerships between HGI-CGS and GEUS researchers in this activity will develop the capabilities within HGI-CGS for carrying out integrated interpretations and correlations of seismic and well data, 3D reservoir modelling and establishment of reliable geological models. HGI-CGS’ pool of data-management and interpretation tolls will be enhanced by establishing an interactive interpretation system that will be managed and operated by local geoscientists. HGI-CGS staff will participate in training and lecture sessions at GEUS in Denmark, using local analogues and other data. The acquired knowledge and expertise will be subsequently applied on Croatian data derived from diverse environments of Croatia (greater Zagreb area, and Rijeka and Istria area). The associated research work will be carried out at HGI-CGS in collaboration with GEUS experts.

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Glavni istraživač / voditelj: Davor Pollak

Nikola Belić,

Vlatko Brčić,

Adriano Banak,

Marko Budić,

Pavle Ferić,

Marko Špelić

Datum početka i kraja projekta: 01.10.2018.-30.09.2021.


Kategorija projekta: Horizon 2020

Ugovoreni iznos financiranja:

Status: Aktivan

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