dr.sc. Marko Pola

dr. sc. Marco Pola

Znanstveni interesi

  • Investigation of geothermal aquifers
  • Geological and statistical approaches for the 3D reconstruction of the subsurface
  • Numerical modeling of variable density fluids
  • Impact of geological processes on the hydrogeological properties of sediments and rocks



  • 2018 – danas: Hydrogeologist, Hrvatski geološki institut
  • 2012 –2018: Hydrogeologist, Department of Geosciences – University of Padova
  • 2009 –2011: Research doctorate, Department of Geosciences – University of Padova
  • 2005 -2008: Master’s degree in Geology and Engineering Geology, University of Padova
  • 2002 -2005: Bachelor’s degree in Geological Science, University of Padova



  • Interpretation of hydrogeological data
  • Interpretation of structural data
  • Statistical analysis
  • Geographic information systems (ArcInfo)
  • Geological modelling (gOCad, Move)
  • Hydrogeological numerical modelling (HYDROTHERM, FEFLOW, GMS)
  • Spoken languages: Italian, English, Croatian


Projekti i suradnje

  • Impact of specific surface area on hydrogeological properties of loess deposits and loess-derived soils in eastern Croatia (ISSAH)
  • Hydrogeological modelling of the Euganean Geothermal Field (Italy)
  • A new conceptual model of the Euganean Geothermal System performed using a multidisciplinary approach
  • Review of the Euganean Geothermal Field using new knowledge in hydrogeology and structural geology.



  • 2015: 10th “Elio Botti – Come Acqua Saliente” Award for Research and Communication
  • 2016: “Secondo Franchi” 2014 Award for the best paper published in the Italian Journal of Geosciences in 2014



  • International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH)
  • Early Career Hydrogeologists’ Network (ECHN)





Najznačajniji radovi

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  2. Pola, M.; Cacace, M.; Fabbri, P.; Piccinini, L.; Zampieri, D.; Torresan, F. 2020. Fault Control on a Thermal Anomaly: Conceptual and Numerical Modeling of a Low‐Temperature Geothermal System in the Southern Alps Foreland Basin (NE Italy). Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 125 (5). e2019JB017394. 10.1029/2019jb017394.
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  9. Pola, M.; Gandin, A.; Tuccimei, P.; Soligo, M.; Deiana, R.; Fabbri, P.; Zampieri D. 2014. A multidisciplinary approach to understanding carbonate deposition under tectonically controlled hydrothermal circulation: A case study from a recent travertine mound in the Euganean Hydrothermal System, northern Italy. Sedimentology, 61 (1), 172-199. 10.1111/sed.12069.
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