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UNLOCK-CAVE: Unlocking high-resolution palaeoclimate variability from Nova Grgosova cave multi-proxy speleothem record

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HRZZ project UIP-2020-02-7355.

Climate change is one of the major challenges that the world is now facing. Understanding of natural past climate variability is crucial baseline information for more accurate predictions of anthropogenically-driven climate changes in the future.

UNLOCK-CAVE project seeks to understand the regional response to high-frequency natural climate variability in South-Central Europe during the last 1400 years by exploring multiple geochemical proxies in speleothems from Nova Grgosova cave in Croatia. Our specific aims are: to explore the link between geochemical properties of speleothems at this site and a major mode of internal climate variability, North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) on annual to sub-decadal time scale; to investigate potential of these speleothems to yield quantitative data on past climate variability and to decipher climate and non-climate drivers of carbon isotope composition in these speleothems. Our palaeoclimate interpretations will be underpinned by long-term extensive cave monitoring program. This project will yield first high-resolution quantitative record of past climate variability in this poorly studied region and will lead to a better understanding of regional responses to atmospheric circulation variability in the past.

Project webpage:

Project leader: dr. sc. Petra Bajo

dr. sc. Anica Benutić,

dr. sc. Maja Briški,

dr. sc. Vlatko Brčić,

dr. sc. Nikolina Ilijanić,

Iva Palatinuš, mag.geol.,

dr. sc. Andreja Sironić

Project duration: 03.10.2022.-02.10.2027.                   


Project Category: 

HRZZ projekt UIP-2020-02-7355


Financing amount: 254.076,18 EUR

Status: Active

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