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Croatian Geological Survey

Croatian Geological Survey is the greatest public research institute in Croatia in the field of geosciences and geological engineering. Geological data is the foundation for development of different projects of the national concern, such as fresh water supply, soil and water conservation, traffic infrastructure development, urban planning, exploration of mineral resources and environmental protection.hgi Investigation is carried out using the most recent methodologies, computer technologies and information. The Program of the CGS basic activity (geological maps) is carried out by 66 scientists and researchers and 12 junior researchers. They also work on solving the problems of environmental protection, groundwater storage, geothermal power potential and engineering geology, and exploration of mineral resources.
Croatian Geological Survey collaborates with many institutions of similar affiliation, and organizations and faculties in the country. As such, it is also recognized by the international academic community. This is demonstrated by many joint international research projects carried out by CGS.